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The "Library of Anchal College, padampur was established in 1965 with a humble beginning of countable number of books.Its aims at to selecting, acquiring, storing, retrieving and disseminating books and other reading materials for all-round development of students as well as institution. The library is situated in a separate building in the area of 198.195 Sq. Mts. It includes book stock area, circulation are, reading room and lavatory. The first floor of library is under construction.


Library has a large collection of books and other reading materials.

Books 26638
Book Bank 3735
Landing Library 1236
Remedial Coaching Program 2000
Magazines / Journals 25
Back Volumes Available
Question Bank Available


The library is under the overall supervision of library committee, which consist of 5 members.

Principal Prof. Prabhulal Kumar Dash
Library- in- charge Dr. Miss.SantosiniBabu
Member Dr. P.K. Padhee
Member MR. S. K. Pradhan
Librarian Miss R. Barik

The library committee verifies the requisition of books made by department and on the recommendation of books of the committee textbooks, reference books, journal and magazines are purchased, which can be utilized by the students and faculties to the optimum level.


The library is open from 10.30AM to 4.30 PM on all working days and during summer vacation it open from 8.00 AM to 12.00 PM.


The library has been computerised its books phase wise, usinglibrary automation software "IVY-LIBRARY 4.0". It has already entered the bibliographic details of 22000 books. OPAC facility is provided to the students for book search.


All Students, Teaching and Non-teaching staffs are the member of central library.

Charging/discharging of books:

The honours students can issue maximum 3 books where as only 2 books are permitted for the pass students.

As per the library rules students should returned the books within 15 days or renew the books to extend the due date for more 15 days.

Those who fail to return the books in time are liable to pay fine of 0.50 paisa per day per books

The faculty can issue 25 books for 2 month. In case of staff also same rules are applied for late return of books

Journal/ magazine also issue to the students on production of their renewed identity card daily during the college hours only.

If the borrower lost the books or other material borrowed from the library must be immediately report to the librarian. The borrower shall either replace the lost books with an undamaged copy of the same or pay the tipple value of the books (for replacement cost along with handling charges and retention fees).

Library services:

  • Reference Services: The reference section comprising ready reference books, general as well as discipline- specific such as encyclopaedia, dictionary etc.

  • Reprographic services: Photocopying facility is available for students in a charge of one rupee per page.

  • OPAC: Computerised catalogue of library collection is made available to the patrons.

  • Reading Room: The separate reading room is facilitated to the students and staff. The total seating capacity is 50.

  • Question Bank: The previous year's examination question is available for the student for their better preparation.

  • CCTV: We are having CCTV camera for safety and security as well as study the information seeking behaviour of patrons.

Library Statistics:

  • Average numbers of walk-in to library: 120 students

  • Average numbers of book issued/returned: 18/15 books

  • Ration of library books to students enrolled: 8 books

  • Average no of book added during last 3 years: 753

  • Total no title in collection: 17672 books

  • Total numbers of PC in library: 3 (Office use - 2, General Use - 1)

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