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 Mission and vision of the College

The visions, as stated in the Memorandum of the Governing Body of the college submitted for registration are:
'To promote the cause of Higher Education in Padampur Sub-division by just and proper management of the college and by initiating and implementing projects for the improvement of the college."

The implicit goals and objectives behind this vision are to:-
  • Inculcate social, moral, ethical and democratic values amongst rural youth through access to Higher Education.
  • Ignite the young minds so as to make them instruments of social and economic changes.
  • Develop scientific awareness in the area, plagued by poverty, illiteracy and superstition.
  • Pursue in letter and spirit, the motto incorporated in our emblem "Sa VidyaYaVimuktaye" which means "Education liberates us from bondages."

The institutional mission, i.e. 'Promotion of Higher Education' in the Sub-division is fulfilled to a laudable extent through the curriculum carefully designed and framed by the University. The list of Alumni occupying exalted positions in the society is a testimony to the fact that the curricula formulated by the University are well suited to the Students of this locality.

The societal needs of this area reflected in the goals are:-
  • To provide access to quality Higher Education.
  • Provide employment opportunities to the rural youths.
  • Prepare women and weaker section to become self-reliant.

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